Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nearby public transportation and Routing feature in the CYLEX Business Directory

In one of our previous posts we've told you about the box on the company presentation pages displaying nearby public transit stops. Now we've connected it to the map, so a click on one of the transit stops will show it on the map above. 

Map showing nearby public transit stations

By this very simple, yet significant feature, you can plan your route a lot easier and what's more, another box is providing info concerning the nearest car parks (distance and parking costs are also provided). Just as in case of the public transit stops, when clicking on one of the car parks, it is displayed on the map.

Map showing nearby car parks with distance and parking costs

While the old design contained only a box of similar companies based on the keyword + location combination, when examining the presentation page of a company, you'll see there is a list of Nearby stores, that is a list of the closest locations of a multi-branch company.

Box containing nearby stores of a multi-branch company

If you are interested in other nearby companies that are similar to the one you've found in CYLEX Business Directory, you can find them on the bottom of the presentation page, with the distance provided:

A box with similar companies around the address

In order to visit one of these companies, just click on the name of the company and you are directed to its presentation page to find more details about it. Our new features contain a street finder so that finding your way to the store / fast food can be a lot easier.
You can also widen your Branch locator search by setting a search radius around a given location with the radius slider: you'll find it in the search bar near the city.

The search box with keyword, city and search radius

Discover and make the best out of these feature and in case you'd like to share your experiences, use our CYLEX UK facebook page or fill in our feedback form on our Business Directory. Your opinion matters!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

CYLEX UK new feature: the Branch Locator

Are you looking for the closest location of your favorite chain restaurant or store? We have polished the design of our landing page a bit and at the same time have implemented new features in order to make it easier for users to seach our business directory. In the footer part of CYLEX Business Directory United Kingdom there is a Branch locator with the most important branches around the top cities in the UK.

The branches are organized into categories and by choosing a category, the most important multi-branch businesses of that category are displayed on the citymap. Basic information of the branches are shown (company name, address, opening hours.). When hovering above the Opening Hours part (current day's opening hours), the opening hours table is displayed in  the whole. Details & Opening Hours link directs you to the presentation page of the selected company.

Interested in all the branches representing the selected category? You'll find them moving your mouse over All branches from this category.

You can also widen your search by picking a city, let's say London: in this case the page displays the list of all the main categories, nearby branches (nearest locations of branches and distance), popular stores in the city and a statistics box informing you about the number of Store chains / Branches in the city you have selected.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

2012 Top Business Directories in the UK

We have created a list of 60 + 1 business directories from the UK and analyzed them based on a number of criteria (PageRank, Alexa GB Traffic Rank, Sites in Google, number of monthly visitors). We have ranked them according to the collected Alexa data but this is not representative statistics.

The last column of the list indicates the change of Alexa Traffic Rank of those business directories that were analyzed last year and there are many other directories that have made it to the list in 2012 for the first time. As long as in 2011 we looked at 47 online directories, this year we have expanded our list to include a higher number of websites offering information on businesses.

Data collected on July 02, 2012

Website Google PR Alexa GB 2012 Sites in Google Unique visitors per month, estimated by Google-ad planner Alexa GB 2011 Alexa Rank in GB difference between 2011 and 2012
yell.com 7 117 41.400.000 3.5M 105 12 ↓
192.com 7 165 41.000.000 3.8M 133 32 ↓
freeindex.co.uk 5 353 2.160.000 630K 262 91 ↓
companycheck.co.uk 3 390 6.240.000 380K N/A
thomsonlocal.com 7 610 5.440.000 510K 850 240 ↑
duedil.com 4 777 114000 170K N/A
cylex-uk.co.uk 6 826 6.640.000 1.1M 1124 298 ↑
hotfrog.co.uk 5 849 8.370.000 570K 781 68 ↓
thebestof.co.uk 4 855 890000 390K 844 11 ↓
misterwhat.co.uk 4 1051 3.960.000 570K 963 88 ↓
companiesintheuk.co.uk 3 1183 5.420.000 430K N/A
businessmagnet.co.uk 5 1291 177000 140K 776 515 ↓
cdrex.com 3 1437 11.700.000 430K 2732 1295 ↑
scoot.co.uk 6 1479 2.600.000 240K N/A
applegate.co.uk 5 1488 1.970.000 290K 351 1137 ↓
mylocalservices.co.uk 3 1556 1.570.000 180K 1558 2 ↑
manta.com 6 1864 7.7500.000 11M N/A
118.com 5 1812 7.810.000 350K N/A
wheresbest.co.uk 3 2630 1.150.000 180K 3118 488 ↑
uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk 5 2905 189000 78K 2270 635 ↓
touchlocal.com 5 3005 1.280.000 100K 2250 755 ↓
accessplace.com 5 3137 194000 220K 2541 596 ↓
bizzy.co.uk 3 3179 8.960.000 180K N/A
locallife.co.uk 5 3467 3.090.000 220K 3308 159 ↓
inuklocal.co.uk 2 3729 1.060.000 160K 3606 123 ↓
bizwiki.co.uk 5 4323 668000 120K 3055 1268 ↓
business-directory-uk.co.uk 5 4421 266 32K 2637 1784 ↓
city-listings.co.uk 3 5572 1.490.000 75K 7417 1845 ↑
citylocal.co.uk 4 5879 821000 39K 6573 694 ↑
enquira.co.uk 6 7419 533000 120K N/A
thediscdirectory.co.uk 3 8954 1.510.000 63K N/A
zibb.co.uk 4 9094 2.140.000 85K N/A
searchme4.co.uk 4 9997 657000 39K 9895 102 ↓
companies-uk.co.uk 0 10081 1.750.000 59K N/A
tuugo.co.uk 4 12317 2.210.000 23K N/A
businessnetwork.co.uk 2 12356 870000 48K 7956 4400 ↓
approvedbusiness.co.uk 4 13104 116000 23K 10930 2174 ↓
uk-local-search.co.uk 5 15185 1.890.000 30K 8290 6895 ↓
bdexcel.com 0 15387 1.330.000 N/A N/A
1stdirectory.com 4 15628 70 30K 4726 10902 ↓
wura.co.uk 4 15909 11100 N/A 17318 1409 ↑
townpages.com 4 16252 90700 27K 20076 3824 ↑
ogbit.com 3 16468 463000 N/A 8368 8100 ↓
opendi.co.uk 7 19325 1.180.000 32K N/A
wwwi.co.uk 4 19872 189000 30K 9229 10643 ↓
ukdirectory.co.uk 5 20497 65400 17K N/A
toplocallistings.co.uk 4 21351 16200 N/A 17427 3924 ↓
bizdirbusinessdirectory.co.uk 4 24647 2450 N/A 11089 13558 ↓
yalwa.co.uk 5 24842 206000 N/A 21199 3643 ↓
b2bindex.co.uk 4 26532 7160 N/A 13191 13341 ↓
zettai.net 4 27205 160000 47K 18120 9085 ↓
companieslist.co.uk 1 28145 1.720.000 12K N/A
citikey.co.uk 4 28376 880000 32K N/A
businessdirectory-uk.com 4 28461 5490 N/A 21247 7214 ↓
localsearch24.co.uk 4 30548 75700 11K N/A
b2b-directory-uk.co.uk 4 38210 120 N/A 13374 24836 ↓
businesslist.co.uk 2 41934 180000 N/A N/A
business.website-directory-uk.com 3 56520 4510 N/A 32018 24502 ↓
blinks.org.uk 2 74598 38900 N/A N/A
kyotee.co.uk 4 76990 2.520.000 N/A 32983 44007 ↓
ukfreedirectory.com 2 115868 2.080.000 N/A N/A

Friday, 29 June 2012

Verified listings and update information on CYLEX Business Directory

CYLEX Business Directory makes sure to offer the most up-to-date information possible: whenever the correctness of a company presentation page is verified by the owner, the 'Verified Listing' sign appears near company name, so that our users can easily make sure that the contact details and descriptions are set correctly.
Our users can also check how much time has passed since the last update of a company profile; this information can be found on the business profile above opening hours.

Monday, 11 June 2012

CYLEX shows you nearby public transportation

Reading through feedbacks of our users, many of whom have asked us to show nearby public transit stops, CYLEX has introduced a new feature that helps customers find the nearest stations. We've placed a box on every company presentation page containing three of the closest stops and lines so that you could locate the firm or shop in an easier manner. Based on the exact location of the business, the distance to the stations is also calculated and displayed.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How to make it to the top of CYLEX Search Result Page

Are you a business owner and have a presentation page in CYLEX Business Directory? It's time to boost up your web presence and let clients reach you. CYLEX is offering a great deal of features designed and constantly improved so that companies have the ability to present their products and services in detail. The best thing about it is that all our features are free of charge, so why wouldn't you give it a try?

Make it to the top on the CYLEX Search Results Page!
As up-to-date content is an essential element of a successful online business plan, we find it important to prioritize companies with new content, for instance special offers in the Special discounts box, firms detaining the CYLEX Silver Award under Last awarded companies, or new products added in the Last products box. These boxes are placed on top of our main page, so that users see them instantly. Another important factor is that the 'highlighted' information – new content displayed on the main page gets indexed by Google faster. 
special discounts, last awarded companies, last products boxes on CYLEX UK main page

In order to stay on top, constantly try to focus on presenting new information: firms always have something new to share with clients or business partners, no matter if it's a menu with your savory dishes, a price list, or a products and services catalog. At the same time, special discounts are meant to encourage customer loyalty, they basically make people take notice of you. Let CYLEX honor you with the attention of its users!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New Features in Cylex Business Directory UK

The main ideology behind CYLEX Business Directory is to offer the best up-to-date information for all those customers who are looking for opening hours, discounts, address of service providers in the UK or wish to share their experiences about the products and services they've bought. In order to provide a continuous flow of information, we have developed new search features:

This is an A-Z listing of business categories and cities on the Cylex Business Directory main page. You can now easily filter our business categories and cities by simply clicking a letter in the alphabet bar. When choosing the category you're interested in, you are directed to our search results page with the companies representing that category.
The city directory offers you the possibility to search for companies in a certain location. To narrow down the search results, you can filter with a category.

Our video player has a new design, so that you can experience higher quality while watching the video presentation of a company. The page viewer opens documents separately and offers our users an easier, more convenient method of downloading, viewing, turning the pages of a document.
Another new feature of the presentation pages is the product slider: the products uploaded in this gallery are navigated by a slider, so that you can easily take a look at the products, as if you would turn the pages of a catalog.

Are you satisfied with our services? Would you like to tell us what you think of Cylex? Your opinion matters! Share your suggestions with us by completing our Feedback form on our main page!

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