Thursday, 8 March 2018

Thank you note for the Cylex ladies

We are off-track for a bit when it comes to our usual blog posts. This time, we don’t want to present you a new feature. Today we want you to get to know us a little better. The people behind Cylex. The busy bees, who gather and update data, those who try to improve your user experience daily.

We know that everyone should be appreciated all year around. However, since Women’s day is right around the corner, this post is dedicated to the ladies.
From data operator and customer support representative through programmer and secretary, the Cylex women are all awesome.

These ladies are not only hardworking but also perseverant. Besides offering their best at different projects, handling various tasks while also doing everything to make sure our customers are happy; they also bring a little extra to the table: their creativity and dedication. They are the ones who organize the team building events, the ones who find ways of giving a helping hand to charities, the ones who prepare the shows for the Christmas parties, the ones who come up with such ideas as the yearly Flower Power day that we have… and that’s just a few of the things why we are grateful to them.

Without these women, Cylex would be a little less. Less creative, less hearty, less cheerful. Yes, there would also be less chit-chat at meetings, but that is part of the deal, right?

Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget about you either. We have many dedicated men, most of them programmers of course, who work day in day out to make sure our projects run smoothly. They have our recognition and thankfulness as well.
Teamwork gets us from point A to point B and that’s the most basic principle that we try to achieve. So, in short, that’s us: the Cylex people.

Below you can see some pictures of the above-mentioned ladies. This is our way of saying “Thank you girls and happy Women’s day to you all!”

Friday, 27 January 2017

Because ratings matter more than you think

What if you could make sure that customers see the excellence of your business?

The newest feature of the Cylex presentation pages can be of help. This feature presents the Food Standards Agency ratings.

Nowadays, ratings speak for themselves. The Food Standards Agency is the most trusted source when it comes to food quality in the UK. Following a hygiene inspection of the premises by a food safety officer you will be rated. A business can receive one of these hygiene ratings:



What do the ratings tell us? They speak about the way in which food is prepared, cooked and stored. They also reflect the cleanliness of the places, where the food is served or sold and the way in which businesses are managed.

More and more people rely on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS), thus choosing where to eat or buy food based on the information provided by it.

With this in mind, we have created a separate section on each presentation page, where these ratings will be displayed.

Why? Because we want to help both customers and businesses.
Naturally, this data is essential for customers, because it is a decisive factor. For instance, seeing that according to the FHRS a restaurant has got a good rating is all that it takes to be convinced of the food's quality.

What's in it for companies?

Since every company in the food industry has or will have such a rating on the Food Standards Agency's site, it is better for company owners to know about it sooner, rather than later.
If your business has received a good rating, it's simple. You'll see that the same rating will be shown on your Cylex presentation page and it will attract even more potential customers while ensuring the trust of your clients.

In case your business has got a rating that is not so good, don't get alarmed. You can certainly turn things around. In order to change this rating, you need to get in touch with the Food Standards Agency and ask them to re-evaluate your business. After the rating on their website is changed, we will automatically display the new rating on your Cylex presentation page as well.

All in all, this is a great way of showing clients that you truly care about them. What better way of doing that than having quality food, served or sold in a clean environment and displaying the ratings for it?

Monday, 14 November 2016

Social Media Icons and the Google Knowledge Panel

Google My Business and the Google Knowledge Panel represent very effective ways of raising brand awareness and increasing the number of your clients. Why? Because they have great impact on potential customers.

Firstly, Google My Business is the best tool for companies and organizations to manage their presence across the Google platforms, so it’s important to have accurate and complete information on it.

Secondly, the knowledge panel appears next to the search results in Google when someone performs a specific search and it displays various data, most importantly: brand/company name, logo, description and contact information.

With the help of structured data markup, business owners can customize their company's panel to show their social profiles as well. More information on the Social Profile Links can be found here.

This is exactly what we had in mind, when we added a new format to the code snippet of the 'Cylex Social Media Icons' option. This new coding format not only helps in displaying all your social media profiles on your website, but it can also help in making sure your social media icons are displayed in the Google Knowledge Panel, as well as in Google My Business.
What should you do to enjoy these benefits? Integrate the Cylex Social Media Icons to your website. Using this option is a lot easier than it sounds and of course you can use it for free. Here is our previous post, which is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of using this option.

The more exposure your social media profiles get the better are the chances of your business having a lot of new customers. Don't wait for the number of your customers to maybe increase someday … make sure this happens tomorrow!

P.S. If you already have these icons integrated on your website, but they don't appear on the Google Knowledge Panel, it means they're not integrated correctly. Follow the above steps and the road to success is guaranteed.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

10+1 Tips for improving your visibility on Cylex

Wouldn’t it be nice to rank #1 on Cylex? Many of our customers turned to us with the same question. Get some answers and insights in our ranking process. Check out the key elements of increasing a company’s visibility on Cylex.

1. Categories (Relevance factor)

Our ranking algorithm is based on categories and keywords. That's why you should add relevant keywords to your Cylex profile and double check your categories.

2. Positive reviews (Review+ factor)

Nothing proves your company's worth more than having happy customers. Why not make sure everybody knows about them? Ask your satisfied clients to write a review about your company. You can do that by email after a successful business transaction or you can use our review widget to encourage them. For even more visibility, share the reviews on your social media profiles.

3. Accurate and new info (Freshness factor)

Update your presentation page regularly. Correct and detailed information is a key factor. Even if there are no significant changes in your contact details, you can keep your page updated by always adding something new to it. Inform your clients about events, share articles and news or simply add a new photo to your gallery.

4. Special offers (Special offers factor)

Clients love discounts and offers. What you might consider a small discount, can be a decisive factor for customers. Though their effect is limited in time, you may add new offers or re-add your older ones. Don't forget to share these offers on the social media platforms as well.

5. Opening times (OH factor)

Since this is one of the most requested details, the profiles that have opening hours will rank higher in our directory. FindOpen, our partner website will also display these opening hours.

6. Answer quote requests (RFQ factor)

Sending offers for the quote requests that you receive from your business category has a positive impact, because winning offers can also earn you a higher ranking in our directory, not to mention the new customers that you can gain. A review from a 'Cylex Quote Requests' customer has even more value.

7. Interview (Media factor)

This unique feature allows you to present your business in a detailed manner. Request an interview and share it on social media sites to increase its popularity as well as the awareness of your brand and also your company’s products and services.

8. Social media (Popularity factor)

Sharing your Cylex profile on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google +1s are important!) is another good way to achieve your goal. This way you will have more links towards your profile. More links equal more visitors which results in a high popularity factor.

9. Unique description (Popularity factor)

One of the foremost 'rules' of SEO is having a unique description. Tell visitors why should they choose your company, what differentiates you from your competitors. It’s a fact that profiles with unique descriptions have more internal links on Cylex, thus their popularity factor is also higher.

10. Visual content (Popularity factor)

Add your company's logo, images and upload/embed videos. Your visitors will love and appreciate these.

The +1

Do you wish to remove the ads and the nearby similar companies sections from your Cylex profile? Try our Premium Entry option and convince yourself of its advantages! A premium entry is displayed in the first position of the Cylex search results, thus having 4 times more visitors. 
Stop wondering how to gain more visibility on our directory, now you have the way. Just follow these tips and if you require assistance, we are more than happy to help. We can assure you these tips will also help your ranking in other business directories and in Google’s result pages in general.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to use the new Social Media Icons

We all recognise the important role social media platforms play in the life of businesses today. This is why we have released our newest feature for business owners who have a presentation page in the Cylex Business Directory. With the help of our 'Social Media Icons', you can make sure that customers and potential customers get the overall image of your company.

Integrating these icons to your website is not as difficult as it seems. Actually, it is pretty easy and straight-forward. We will walk you through the process step by step.

First, you should sign in to your presentation page by doing the following: click on the 'Sign in' button from the upper right corner of the page, select the business directory sign in and complete the necessary fields (Company ID or Email and Password) to access your dashboard.

Once you are in, select 'Widgets' then 'Social Media Icons' from the 'Company Data' drop down menu:

In case you haven't added any of your company's social media profiles to your presentation page yet, the 'Social Media Icons' page will look like this, containing only the Cylex icon for the moment:

Otherwise, if you have already added your social media accounts, you will find an icon for each of the completed profiles on the page:

Next, you have to select a size for your icons. Choose between big, medium and small. You will see that when you select a size, the icons will change in the 'Preview' section:

Now let's go to the next step, which is choosing the text colour of the icons. Click on the 'Font colour' tab and choose the most suitable colour for your website from our colour pallet.

If you already know what colour code you want, just insert it in the box next to the 'Font colour' tab.

After you have selected the appropriate size and colour, click on the 'next' button, from the lower-right part, to customise the icons. You can check the 'Icons only' box to display the icons without the names of the social platforms and you can customize the 'Heading' part, if you want to change the “Find us on:” heading to something else. Remember, everything that you try here will be visible in the 'Preview' section, to give you an idea about how these icons will look like on your website.

Now comes one of the most essential parts. Choose which icons to show or hide by checking or unchecking the check-box next to the specific social media platforms:

Then, if you have other profiles that are not completed yet, simply click on the 'Edit' button, under the check-box and next to the platform's name, fill in the necessary information and click on 'OK'.


When you are done, click on the 'next' button to go to the last phase of your work. What you will see here is a code snippet that needs to be integrated into the HTML code of your website. Don't get alarmed, we know that this might seem a little scary, but using it will be easier than you can imagine. You should simply copy the whole code snippet from the box and then go to your website and paste it into the HTML code.

This is it! After you have integrated the code snippet, the icons will be displayed, linking to each one of your profiles, just like it is shown in the picture below. This way your customers will find every important info about your company's social media presence and activity in one place.


If you have experience in using HTML, you are welcome to change the code the way you like it. You can add nofollow links, change the way in which the icons are displayed etc. It is up to you!

Here's just one more thing everyone should know about. Do you have a unique website design with colours that don't go with the colours of the Cylex icon? No worries! We have the solution. Just sign in to your account, go to the 'Widgets' menu item and ask for a personalised Cylex logo.

Our team will create one for you, that is the perfect fit for the design of your website. Of course, all of this is for FREE! So all you have left to do is to sit back and enjoy the perks of having a Cylex presentation page.

When it comes to Google+, you have one more option, that is pretty useful in boosting your SEO efforts. You can add a link from your Google+ page to your Cylex profile by following some simple steps.
Sign in, if you are not already signed in, then click on the ‘About’ tab.

In case you haven’t added any links to your profile yet, click on the ‘+’ sign from the lower left corner of the page, click on ‘Sites’ and add the Cylex profile to the ‘Other profiles’ field.

If you have already completed the ‘Other profiles’ section, then you only have to click on the grey pencil to edit it and add your Cylex profile to the ‘Other profiles’ field.

Choose how you share this information on your Google+ profile. We suggest you make it ‘Public’ to help your customers find you in Google search results more easily.

Using these icons will create bridges between every profile that your company has, so customers can cross from one platform to the other, reaching the most comprehensive picture of your business. Don't miss out on offering them this chance!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Are business directory listings good or bad?

The Google Link Guideline has recently been updated and it says that businesses should avoid low quality links. But this statement refers to link directories and not business directories. CYLEX is not a low quality directory and it doesn't link company websites directly. A business directory listing does not affect neither your ranking nor your online reputation.
Online marketing consultants suggest that “online citations” and reviews do nothing but help the online presence of a company.

You can find more information about this matter here: 
Here you can read about the low-quality directory or bookmark site links listed as unnatural links, but this does not refer to business directories as,, or

Check the list of the top UK business directories written by local search expert Phil Rozek:

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Business Directories GB list 2013

As in previous years, we did some research to pinpoint some of the most important business directories in GB. The list didn't change much considering the number of these directories, but in some cases there are dramatic changes in the Alexa Traffic Rank compared to our statistics for 2012: some websites managed to stay on top, while others suffered a significant fall in traffic. Our list contains 63 business directories for GB.

Website Google PR Alexa GB 2013 Sites in Google Unique visitors per month, estimated by Google-ad planner Alexa GB 2012 Alexa Rank in GB difference between 2012 and 2013 7 126 23 700 000 N/A 117 9 ↓ 7 158  61 400 000 9M 165 7 ↑ 4 669 3 970 000 N/A 390 279 ↓ 5 730 11500000 N/A 777 47 ↑ 5 743 666 000 460K 353 390 ↓ 6 908 7 000 000 1.5M 826 82 ↓ 7 1205 5 280 000 N/A 610 595 ↓ 3 1357 7 820 000 790K 1183 174 ↓ 5 2103 2 020 000 N/A 1488 615 ↓ 5 2246 3 070 000 400K 849 1397 ↓ 6 2286  2 190 000 200K 1479 807 ↓ 5 2303 3 490 000 780K 1051 1252 ↓ 4 2470  300 000 N/A 855 1615 ↓ 6 2812 40 900 000 320K 1864 948 ↓ 3 3060  776 000 280K 1556 1504 ↓ 5 3331  764 000 120K 3005 326 ↓ 5 3901 153 000 N/A 1291 2610 ↓ 5 4023 2 760 000 64K 1812 2211 ↓ 1 4368 823 000 210K 3729 639 ↓ 8 4505 1 550 000 320K 19325 14820 ↑ 2 4993 3 650 000 250K 28145 23152 ↑ 6 5097 144 000 N/A 3137 1960 ↓ 2 5434  504 000 250K 2630 2804 ↓ 5 5766 1 800 000 260K 3467 2299 ↓ 3 6582 4 730 000 170K 1437 5145 ↓ 5 6677 388  N/A 4421 2256 ↓ 5 7000 501 000 15K 2905 4095 ↓ 1 7691 525 000  N/A 4323 3368 ↓ 3 10070 1 370 000 100K 5572 4498 ↓ 4 10192 525 000 N/A 5879 4313 ↓ 3 10534  2 770 000 75K 3179 7355 ↓ 5 10963 580 000 51K 24842 13879 ↑ 4 12439 29 000 N/A N/A N/A 6 13689 383 000 130K 7419 6270 ↓ 3 13928 205  N/A 15628 1700 ↑ 4 14059 5 400 000 32K 15185 1126 ↑ 3 17473 1 160 000 78K 8954 8519 ↓ 4 17940 387 000 N/A 9997 7943 ↓ 4 18900 123  N/A 38210 19310 ↑ 3 23324  1 090 000 N/A 13104 10220 ↓ 0 23601 10 400 000 52K 10081 13520 ↓ 4 24309 66 500 N/A 19872 4437 ↓ 5 25477 628 000 N/A 20497 4980 ↓ 4 27966 3 840 000 24K 12317 15649 ↓ 2 28284 350 000 29K 12356 15928 ↓ 4 31454  2 790 N/A 24647 6807 ↓ 4 32507 6 660 N/A 26532 5975 ↓ 4 35392 156 000 N/A 16252 19140 ↓ 4 39055 117 000 32K 27205 11850 ↓ 3 44459 440 000 48K 28376 16233 ↓ 0 45277 19 200 N/A N/A N/A 2 46948 5 460 N/A 56520 9572 ↑ 4 50187 467 000  16K 9094 41093 ↓ 4 60147  898 000 N/A 30548 29599 ↓ 2 60788 228 000 N/A 41934 18854 ↓ 3 65181 13 700 N/A 21351 43830 ↓ 2 72281 7 630 000 18K 15387 56894 ↓ 3 80927 3 800 N/A 28461 52466 ↓ 2 112172 4 860 000 N/A 115868 3696 ↑ 3 122099 14 200 N/A 74598 47501 ↓ 4 141059 11 900 N/A 15909 125150 ↓ 2 N/A 14 100 N/A 16468 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 76990 N/A

* Data collected on June 11, 2013
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