Friday, 25 November 2011

Online Business Directories in 2011

From time to time we get down to see what kind of online business directories are out there, draw a table and analyze statistics a bit. If we take a look at our non-representative list of business directories posted in 2010 , you'll see important changes regarding the numbers.
While in 2010 we listed 28 nationwide and general directories, this year we have analyzed 47 online business directories. The directories presented are ranked according to Alexa and it's not necessarily accurate.

Website Google PR Alexa GB Sites in Google Unique visitors per month, estimated by Google-ad planner Alexa GB 2010 7 105 31.100.000 3.8M 95 -10 7 133 42300000 3.2M 290 157 5 262 1.160.000 570K 229 -33 5 351 4920000 270K 5 776 220000 110K 5 781 10200000 420K 335 -446 5 816 7.130.000 620K 710 -106 4 844 1070000 350K 811 -33 7 850 3450000 350K 4 963 4170000 620K 6 1124 5030000 560K 572 -552 3 1558 1.810.000 150K 1999 441 6 2250 2.500.000 120K 1141 -1109 5 2270 1060000 53K 1457 -813 5 2541 491000 260K 1168 -1373 5 2637 189 18K 2 2732 6790000.00 430K 5 3055 949000 180K 1756 -1299 3 3118 1.190.000 160K 2001 -1117 4 3308 3020000 160K 2390 -918 3 3606 1.180.000 180K 8570 4964 4 4726 1780 53K 8924 4198 4 6573 711000 32K 3 7417 1.080.000 57K 7640 223 2 7956 2620000 39K 32841 24885 5 8290 2.720.000 36K 11730 3440 3 8368 580000 NA 4 9229 10800 11K 4 9895 1160000 32K 4 10187 291000 84K 2511 -7676 4 10930 292000 20K 4 11089 1580 NA 4 13191 6430 NA 3 13374 126 NA 4 17318 9820 NA 4 17427 11000 NA 4 18120 160000 44K 2873 -15247 4 20076 152000 29K 8404 -11672 4 21199 103000 8.4K 5 21247 615 NA 2 32018 3490 NA 4 32983 131000 NA

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Same features with new design at CYLEX

It's been a while since our last post, but as you can see, CYLEX Business Directory UK has undergone some changes in design. An important modification we'd like to present here today is the new admin field through which you can complete your company's presentation page in CYLEX in an easier manner.
The first thing you'll see after sign up/sign in is a percentage bar showing the completeness of your profile. By clicking on the links under this percentage bar you can view all the CYLEX features enumerated, categorized in accordance with the information you provided or missed to provide so far.
When scrolling down a little you can also find a Control Panel with these features, so that sharing the information with your business partners and clients to be truly simple! Always remember the key point of the services offered by CYLEX: the more detailed presentation page you have, the more visibility you'll get.

With this new design we meant to draw the attention of all CYLEX users to our absolutely free features that are so easy to use and play such an important role in helping your listing appear higher in the search results. We're waiting for your experiences and suggestions concerning this new design, so feel free to contact us here, but look for us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Monday, 27 June 2011

New features for increasing your income

We are working hard to develop as many features as possible to help companies get more clients and to be more successful. Of course all these new features are also free of charge. Don’t forget more clients means 
more income! Activate the new features and leave your competitors behind.

Upload useful files

Due to the request of our clients we have developed some new features which can help you increase your income and make new potential clients. With the new features you will be able to share useful information with your clients. You can upload different kind of documents such as: instruction sheets, spreadsheets, price lists, etc. You cannot upload more than five documents.

Respond to reviews

We are not only a business directory, but a community portal as well, where users can share their experiences about companies and their products/services. Now, you have the possibility to respond to your customers’ reviews directly on your presentation page. If you find unpleasant criticisms, try to respond calmly, 'thank you for your comment', and somehow try to bring of the contentious matter a head. We reckon that a calm response can make miracles and also increase your company's credibility.

Social Media

We know how important the social media pages for companies and customers are. If your company has a Facebook Page and/or Twitter ID, share them on your company presentation page. In this way the users can like your Facebook Page and view your latest tweets directly on your presentation page. Furthermore you can also share your presentation page on these social media networks.

Related Innovations

Now you have the possibility to share reviews and special offers on the above mentioned community sites, furthermore you can login to CYLEX using your Google Account.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Social Media and CYLEX Business Directory

Would you like to share a review, a company presentation page or to recommend a special offer to your friends or clients? 
We have created you the possibility to share easily impressions whit your friends using the Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz.  

All you have to do is to access CYLEX Business Directory UK.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Brand New Look for CYLEX Business Directory UK

Do you remember our new look to come? Here it is. We tried to make it more attractive, more accessible and especially more user-friendly.
Here are pictures with some of the modifications:

Give special offers to your customers, activate the CYLEX Silver Status, upload products and your company will appear for a while directly on as only last five companies and products will be displayed on the homepage.
The company presentation pages have also been changed. The special offers are placed in the right-uppon part and the other services we offer like Google map and route-planner, contact persons, payment methods, opening hours are all placed in the right part of the page.

Do you like it? Please feel free to explore our site. We are looking forward to receive your feedback with opinions and suggestions!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Do you want more clients? Give them special offers!

CYLEX Business Directory in UK helps customers and companies to make the best buy and sale decisions. For this we have created a possibility for companies to give their loyal customers or pontential customers special discounts, if they reached them through CYLEX Business Directory. Furthermore this service helps companies to advance their position in search results.
If you activate this service your company presentation page will look like this:

The only thing you have to do is to access the dashboard of your company presentation page and select the Special Offers option. Special offers are sent for verification and published online in the shortest possible time. Once an offer expires, it is removed from your company presentation page automatically.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Design for CYLEX Online Business Directories

CYLEX operates online business directories in over 25 countries from the world. Our community portals in Germany- and Hungary- are leaders and the other ones in UK, Italy, France, South Africa etc. are the fastest growing free community portals in their respective country. We have developed a new design for our sites, which is more user-friendly, more accessible for users and companies and more attractive. 

For the moment this new design is implemented just on but it is coming soon also for

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

App for iPhones

CYLEX UK has created a new application for iPhones which helps customers and companies to find each other easier. What is easier than searching for a restaurant, going there and sharing your experience right after leaving it?
For companies it is very important to update their presentation pages, because they can be contacted by potential customers at any time.

Be sure that your clients share their experience about your company and services! Using this new application for iPhone is very easy. FMF5NV3J873Y

Friday, 11 February 2011

What’s new on CYLEX Business Directory UK?

We are working hard to develop our services in order to help companies and customers to find each other easier.On your company profile page, your Skype-status can be seen from now on. In this way your potential customer knows if he/she can contact you directly via this instant messenger. For this you have to allow Skype to display your status on the web. Follow the instructions.

The existing free call service allows users to contact the companies by using directly from their computers the landline free option or simply use headset and microphone. Now we are working to develop more this call feature and we will publish soon some new modifications.

Monday, 7 February 2011

CYLEX connects companies & consumers

The quality of the information presented on  is increased by the importance we give to social communities, as users may integrate the opinions they write into their social media profile, post them to the news walls and share their experience with friends. In this way we help them make the best buy and sell decisions.
You can log with your Facebook account in our business directory, and your reviews will be posted on your wall and will be seen by all your friends.
Furthermore we have created a new online search application, which helps you to search for companies and products and to write reviews about them, directly from Facebook. You can also invite your friends to use this.

Company search, your reviews, your favorites, your friends, all in one place! Your experiences are highly appreciated and thanks to you CYLEX becomes a more objective business directory. Do not hesitate to share your reviews.

Friday, 28 January 2011

You haven’t completed your company profile page yet? It’s time to do so!

We want to help you make the best of your profile page on . For this, we will show you in percentages how effectively you have taken advantage of CYLEX features. Don’t forget, in this way your potential clients will reach you easier and will find all the information they need about your company’s products/services. 

Let’s see, why these services are useful:

  • Contact details:  Please, specify how the potential clients can reach your company. The more details you give, the more likely they will contact you.
  • Opening hours: If you specify the opening time or the office hours, there will be no misunderstanding or inconvenience in receiving your clients and visitors.
  • CYLEX Silver Award: Our free award is given to those who apply for our services. If your company has the priority status, it will be among the top companies in our search list. Click on the label to learn how you can get the Silver-Award.
  • Sell offers: What would you like to sell? You can advertise your business on our site.

  • Product catalogue: Specify some of your products, upload images, description, give their prices, so that the potential clients could browse your offer.
  • Map position: Verify and if necessary correct the position of your company on the map.
  • Keywords: The potential clients will find your profile with the help of the keywords. So it is vital to give as many relevant keywords as possible. 
  • Payment methods: Specify if your clients can pay with credit cards, respectively if there is any other payment option.
  • News: Communicate with your clients and business partners, share the news of your company on our highly attended site.
  • Buy offers: Would you like to buy something? Here you can upload your classified ads for free.
  • Contact person: Specify whom those who have questions can turn to.
  • Review: Suggest to your satisfied clients to write reviews about your company. Thus, you get free publicity.
  • Descriptions: Present your company and specify your services in English and in a foreign language.
  • Discounts: Give discounts to those clients who contacted you through CYLEX and in return we will put your profile on the top of our search list.
  • Articles: Prove your aptitude and increase the attendance of your profile by publishing articles about your specialty. The potential clients will find your article and thus you, the expert.
  • Cooperation offers: If you wish to expand your company, notify it here and you’ll shortly find new business partners.
  • Image gallery: A picture is worth a thousand words. So don’t hesitate, share some photos that speak for themselves.
  • Upload your company logo: To have the best image possible you will need an eye catching logo. You can upload it here!

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