Monday, 4 March 2013

Customer Reviews: A Complex Path to Purchase [Infographic]

Do you have the habit of looking everything up on the internet? Well, we do! In today's world of data overload we can almost find everything in the world wide web. If you need a new dishwasher or have an eye on a fancy digital camera, you simply google it and start examining and comparing. Let's say you already have a brand/type in mind, so you rather opt for customer reviews instead of sticking solely to manufacturer descriptions.

Customer reviews are highly subjective and can help you make objective shopping decisions: reviewers might be our best advisers when it comes to purchasing a certain product or finding the most delicious pizza in the city. We are more likely to choose the service or product we have read reviews about, simply because we rely on real customer feedback. 

You can shape customer experience as well, by sharing your opinion with others, telling everything about the services you have used so far. If you like a company for its professional customer service or you are totally satisfied with the staff of your favorite beauty salon, spread the news! Show your appreciation with a review so that everyone knows about the best businesses in the city! 

Did you have bad experiences with a company? You should write about that long as you remain polite of course. People are not looking for positive reviews and excellent ratings, but real experiences. Moreover, businesses have the opportunity to respond to negative reviews, build their trust and improve their services.

For more information check out the infographic below.

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