Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How to make it to the top of CYLEX Search Result Page

Are you a business owner and have a presentation page in CYLEX Business Directory? It's time to boost up your web presence and let clients reach you. CYLEX is offering a great deal of features designed and constantly improved so that companies have the ability to present their products and services in detail. The best thing about it is that all our features are free of charge, so why wouldn't you give it a try?

Make it to the top on the CYLEX Search Results Page!
As up-to-date content is an essential element of a successful online business plan, we find it important to prioritize companies with new content, for instance special offers in the Special discounts box, firms detaining the CYLEX Silver Award under Last awarded companies, or new products added in the Last products box. These boxes are placed on top of our main page, so that users see them instantly. Another important factor is that the 'highlighted' information – new content displayed on the main page gets indexed by Google faster. 
special discounts, last awarded companies, last products boxes on CYLEX UK main page

In order to stay on top, constantly try to focus on presenting new information: firms always have something new to share with clients or business partners, no matter if it's a menu with your savory dishes, a price list, or a products and services catalog. At the same time, special discounts are meant to encourage customer loyalty, they basically make people take notice of you. Let CYLEX honor you with the attention of its users!

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