Tuesday, 11 September 2012

CYLEX UK new feature: the Branch Locator

Are you looking for the closest location of your favorite chain restaurant or store? We have polished the design of our landing page a bit and at the same time have implemented new features in order to make it easier for users to seach our business directory. In the footer part of CYLEX Business Directory United Kingdom there is a Branch locator with the most important branches around the top cities in the UK.

The branches are organized into categories and by choosing a category, the most important multi-branch businesses of that category are displayed on the citymap. Basic information of the branches are shown (company name, address, opening hours.). When hovering above the Opening Hours part (current day's opening hours), the opening hours table is displayed in  the whole. Details & Opening Hours link directs you to the presentation page of the selected company.

Interested in all the branches representing the selected category? You'll find them moving your mouse over All branches from this category.

You can also widen your search by picking a city, let's say London: in this case the page displays the list of all the main categories, nearby branches (nearest locations of branches and distance), popular stores in the city and a statistics box informing you about the number of Store chains / Branches in the city you have selected.

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