Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nearby public transportation and Routing feature in the CYLEX Business Directory

In one of our previous posts we've told you about the box on the company presentation pages displaying nearby public transit stops. Now we've connected it to the map, so a click on one of the transit stops will show it on the map above. 

Map showing nearby public transit stations

By this very simple, yet significant feature, you can plan your route a lot easier and what's more, another box is providing info concerning the nearest car parks (distance and parking costs are also provided). Just as in case of the public transit stops, when clicking on one of the car parks, it is displayed on the map.

Map showing nearby car parks with distance and parking costs

While the old design contained only a box of similar companies based on the keyword + location combination, when examining the presentation page of a company, you'll see there is a list of Nearby stores, that is a list of the closest locations of a multi-branch company.

Box containing nearby stores of a multi-branch company

If you are interested in other nearby companies that are similar to the one you've found in CYLEX Business Directory, you can find them on the bottom of the presentation page, with the distance provided:

A box with similar companies around the address

In order to visit one of these companies, just click on the name of the company and you are directed to its presentation page to find more details about it. Our new features contain a street finder so that finding your way to the store / fast food can be a lot easier.
You can also widen your Branch locator search by setting a search radius around a given location with the radius slider: you'll find it in the search bar near the city.

The search box with keyword, city and search radius

Discover and make the best out of these feature and in case you'd like to share your experiences, use our CYLEX UK facebook page or fill in our feedback form on our Business Directory. Your opinion matters!

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